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M. Susan “Susan” Kraft passed away peacefully on May 25, 2024. She was born the eldest of three children to the late Germaine and Arnold Kraft on April 9, 1938 in Green Bay, WI.

As a child, Susan enjoyed dance, trips to the family cabin in Mountain, and their beloved dog Missy. Susan went on to graduate from Green Bay East High School in 1956.

Susan had a passion for education, especially reading, and pursued a bachelor’s degree in early childhood elementary education at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee WI in 1960. She furthered her education with a master’s degree in education curriculum and instruction in 1971 from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Susan was a career educator, starting her career in the West Allis School District. She then spent the bulk of her 35 year career with the Green Bay Public Schools. The majority of that time she taught at Norwood Elementary School until it’s closing. She then taught at Beaumont School and rounded out her career as a reading specialist until her retirement, traveling to schools throughout the district providing specialized help to students. In retirement she helped her grand nieces, nephews and others in their learning. She has students that remain in contact with her to this day.

Susan led a wonderful and joyous life. Outside of her professional career, Susan had a wealth of treasured friendships that spanned decades. She was a voracious traveler, traveling the world extensively. She had a lifelong passion for Green Bay Packer Football, as a season ticket holder and fourth generation shareholder. She was especially excited when the Packers drafted Tucker Kraft in 2023. She was sure there was a genealogical connection. Last, but absolutely not least, is her unrivaled passion for Seroogy’s chocolates.

Susan was a woman of immensely strong faith. A lifelong member of Resurrection Church, she was very active in the church, volunteering in many capacities. Her commitment to her faith was even more evident in recent years, she leaned heavily on her immense faith, and faced any challenges through prayer, putting her life in God’s hands.

She treasured her family, caring for her father and later her mother in her later years. She provided her nieces and nephews with amazing experiences and travels, opportunities they wouldn’t have had without their beloved Aunt Susan. When she was 80, she took the entire family for an extended weekend to the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, what a treasured time and memories. Her extended family of cousins have an annual fall Door County Vacation every year for over 35 years (and still going)

Her philanthropy was immense. She willingly shared her time, talents and resources with many community organizations, most notably, the Green Bay Antiquarian Society, Heritage Hill Foundation, Green Bay Botanical Garden, The Neville Public Museum, Habitat for Humanity, Weidner Center for Performing Arts and Mount Mary College. She was a strong believer in giving back, researching organizations thoroughly before supporting them.

Her pleasant demeaner carried her through her later years and made her a treasure for her caregivers. She was well loved by all who knew her.

As a family, we cannot find words to fully express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to longtime family friend and Susan’s caregiver, Jackie Bushner. Jackie, a consummate caregiver, spent the last few years doing all she could to bring joy to Susan’s life each and every day. They enjoyed many adventures to Door Country, Titletown, Packer Practice, massages, to name a few. Jackie’s goal was to make Susan’s days joyous, and she surpassed that goal tremendously. We also thank Jackie’s husband Gregg and her family for sharing Jackie with Susan.

In addition, special thanks to caregiver and friend Denise Larsen, Moments Hospice (Cory & Cassie) and Ladonna and Damien at Allouez Parkside who treasured Susan as family.

Thank you to her circle of friends whose friendships spanned many decades. Her friends were there for her, visiting regularly until the end.

Susan is survived by her brother Joseph Kraft (De Pere, WI) , sister Jeane Kraft Fleck (Wickenburg, AZ), nieces and nephews who she was very close to: Jacqui Engebos (Rick), Jenni Bair (Keith), Jolie Roberts (Rich), Suzan Fleck, Jacob Fleck (Cameron) and her grandnieces and nephews who she was also very close to, Brandon (Kaylen) Engebos, Meagan Engebos, Kali Kraft, Zach Roberts (Anna, and great, great nephews Beau & Milo), Xander Roberts, Sloane Reynolds and George Fleck. Along with many, many close cousins and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents, her cousins Christine Kraft and David Kraft, sister-in-law Judy Kraft and brother-in-law Fred Fleck.

We look forward to celebrating Susan’s life at Ryan Funeral Home, 305 N. Tenth Street, De Pere, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, 2024. Visitation will continue at Resurrection Catholic Parish, 333 Hilltop Drive, Green Bay, at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 14, 2024. A Mass of Christian Burial will begin at 11:00 a.m. Entombment will take place at Allouez Catholic Mausoleum.

A memorial fund is being established to support Yesteryear Village or Rise Up Athletics

Posted online on June 07, 2024

Published in Green Bay Press Gazette

Obituaries in Green Bay, WI | Green Bay Press-Gazette (2024)
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