In your words: June 2024 Letters to the Editor (2024)



Community thoughts about asphalt plants, how we’re doing and SoCo myths.

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Fast fashion article

Dear Editor:

Thank you Amie Windsor for your excellent article! I have been reading about the horrible cost of “fast fashion” elsewhere so any article that makes us aware of this habit is welcome.

I grew up in the late ‘60s and we always sewed our clothes or went thrift store shopping. But I’ve gotten lazy (and am heavily marketed to) and rarely buy used clothing now. I’m going to be more aware! Also: let’s all just get used to buying less!!!

Susann Rose


What’s going on with Guerneville?

Dear Editor:

I always enjoy reading the articles written about what’s happening in the towns your paper covers.

It’s been a joy and occasional surprise to discover the diverse, eclectic interests of my neighbors.

I’ve been rather disappointed in the “Rollin’ on the R.R.” column. To me, it reads like an advertisem*nt for the various business, focused mostly on restaurants. Very little of the column is about the various activities Guerneville residents are up to. Unfortunately, there’s a scarcity of human interest stories, when compared to the columns written about activities in other towns.

It seems a shame to not report on the more interesting human angle and devote less column inches to the commercial. I could take a walk down Main St. and be equally as informed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments,

Elizabeth Eichhold

Sonoma County

A slap in the face

Dear Editor:

In the April edition, letter writer Karin Seritis made what I considered a valid point about racism aimed at white people. She was rightly concerned about views expressed in your publication “aiding and abetting racial division.” You responded by referring to your Dear Readers column on page 2. The only part of your column that I could see was a response to Karin's letter referenced, “angering white nationalists and religious fundamentalists.” Clearly implied was that Karin was one or both of these kinds of people.

You're in the newspaper business. You're supposed to take the bouquets and brickbats with equal moderation. Name calling and implied slander does not help us trust you or this newspaper.

Mark Churchill

Bodega Bay


Dear Editor:

Kudos for your nice publication, The SonomaCounty Gazette! On a recent visit to Sonoma, I pickedup your publication and was very impressed.

Although local newspapers tend to be a dying breed, how else would the people ofSonoma get local news?? Radio and TV serve the entire Bay Area - with no local Sonoma focus! So you're are doing the Sonoma area a great service.

Your 'Town Columnists' section is especially right-on - providing localcontributors a chance to highlight the news of their municipality.

It's also good that you provide an ample 'Letters to Editor' section - usually the secondmost read part of any newspaper (obituariesis the first!).

Keep up the good work!

Roger Smith

Newcastle, CA


Dear Editor:

I am a new immigrant to Sonoma, from Colorado, and was delighted to discover your monthly publication with helpful overview of the many unique smaller communities.

In the short time I’ve been here in Petaluma, I have the following questions which have led to a wide array of answers but not a single, apparently generally accepted response.

1. Why are there so many E/W streets which have different names on either side of Petaluma Boulevard?

2. How have residents been able to protect the beautiful green hillsides ( great variety of explanations here)

3. The skyline is dominated by very large, industrial looking buildings almost universally without signs telling who/what the business is. Often even neighboring stores, etc seem unsure.

4. Apparently once known for organic animal food, now recently lost that certification. What does this mean for identity?

Clearly many misconceptions about NorCal but happy to be here nevertheless.

Judith Rice-Jones


No to Forestville asphalt plant

Dear Editor:

We find ourselves again with Canyon Rock Quarry proposing an asphalt plant within the very communities that have already opposed it. All the same concerns from 2010 apply all, only now, we have the added urgency of a planet in rebellion climatically. It seems in complete denial of this being a residential, agricultural area where environmental issues are foremost in people’s minds. It seems in complete denial of the fires, the evacuations, the mudslides and road closures that have visited Sonoma County in an almost biblical nature over the past five years. It ignores the rights of children to breathe clean air, enjoy the night sky in all its unique and special beauty, be free from particulate matter, fear of fire and possible crashes of asphalt trucks near their schools.

In your words: June 2024 Letters to the Editor (2024)
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