This Frozen Espresso Martini Is the Drink of the Summer (2024)

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Try this refreshing twist on a classic co*cktail: the frozen espresso martini! This easy recipe blends 4 ingredients into a creamy, frosty puree with rich coffee undertones. It’s a coffee co*cktail that hits the spot in any season!

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Here’s your signature summer co*cktail: the frozen espresso martini! The classic espresso martini has vaulted into one of the most popular co*cktails in America. So why not try a frozen spin on the classic?

We created our own spin on this recipe and it is extremely simple to make! Many recipes call for making espresso and freezing it into ice cubes, but who has time for that? You can make our version in just 5 minutes in a blender. The creamy, frosty flavor with rich coffee undertones is absolutely divine. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Ingredients in a frozen espresso martini

As co*cktail experts with over 300 co*cktail recipes in our library, this one has a special place in our hearts! It came about as a happy accident. Wondering if we could simply use bottled cold brew coffee in a frozen version of the classic Espresso Martini, we whipped out our blender. Turns out, it works perfectly—meaning you can have the frozen version of this co*cktail ready in just 5 minutes. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Vodka:The smooth,neutral spirit provides a base for the co*cktail,allowing the other flavors to shine.
  • Kahlúa:This coffee liqueur adds sweetness and a hint of rum complexity to the mix.
  • Cold brew coffee (or strong coffee):The strong,concentrated coffee brings the bold,caffeinated essence of espresso to the martini without the need to make espresso. You can also make coffee using your favorite method: make it double strength and chill it before blending.
  • Sugar:Sugar balances the bitterness of the coffee and enhances the overall flavor. If desired, you can substitute with simple syrup, maple syrup, or agave syrup, using ¾ of the sugar specified in the recipe.
  • Ice:Crushed or cubed ice chills the co*cktail and creates a frosty,refreshing texture.

How to make a frozen espresso martini: step by step

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, the frozen espresso martini is quick and simple to blend. Here are the basic steps (or scroll down for the recipe):

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Step 1: Gather the ingredients: 1 cup cold brew coffee, ¼ cup Kahlua, ¼ cup vodka, 3 tablespoons sugar, and 3 cups ice.

This Frozen Espresso Martini Is the Drink of the Summer (3)

Step 2: Blend the ingredients in a blender.

This Frozen Espresso Martini Is the Drink of the Summer (4)

Step 3: Pour into glasses and garnish with 3 coffee beans.

What’s an espresso martini?

The Espresso Martini is a vodka martini made with coffee that was invented in 1983. London bartenderDick Bradsell of the Soho Brasseriecreated the drink for a patron who asked for a drink to wake her up.

Apparently the coffee machine was right next to the drink station, and the Espresso Martini was born. The name came in the 1990’s when flavored martinis were all the rage.

Coffee methods

We like buying purchased cold brew coffee concentrate for a frozen espresso martini because it’s so simple! You can also make homemade cold brew coffee, which is very easy and a much cheaper method. If you have a French press, try French press cold brew.

Or, make strong coffee using a dark roast bean: French press or pour over work well. Another great option is Moka Pot coffee (coffee made with a Bialetti), since its flavor is somewhere between coffee and espresso. Cool the coffee before blending.

More about Kahlua

Kahluais a coffee liqueur that’s made in Mexico. It’s made with rum, sugar and coffee. It does have some caffeine, but only about 25% as much as the same volume of coffee. The standard Kahlua is dairy-free, vegan and plant-based: it contains only rum, sugar and coffee.

You can also use other types of coffee liqueur in a frozen espresso martini, likeTia Mariaor Sheridan’s. Use up leftovers to makeKahlua drinkslike theWhite Russian,Black RussianorMudslide.

A few more coffee co*cktails

If you love a good frozen espresso martini, here are a few more coffee co*cktails might enjoy:

  • Try the classic Espresso Martini or White Russian.
  • Make a frosty and delicious Bushwacker! It’s similar to the frozen espresso martini.
  • Go for an Espresso Margarita.
  • Try boozy coffee like Irish Coffee, Kahlua Coffee, or Spanish Coffee.


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Frequently asked questions

How does a frozen espresso martini differ from a regular one?

The main difference is texture. A frozen espresso martini is blended with ice, creating a slushy, refreshing drink, similar to a frozen margarita. The flavor profile is similar to the classic co*cktail.

Can I adjust the sweetness level?

Absolutely! If you prefer a sweeter drink, add a bit more sugar. For a less sweet version, reduce the amount. We don’t suggest omitting it.

What kind of garnish should I use?

Coffee beans are the classic choice, but you can also use a sprinkle of cocoa powder or even a dollop of whipped cream.

Can I make a large batch ahead of time?

It’s best to blend right before serving to have the correct slushy texture. If desired, you can mix up the liquids and refrigerate, then blend with ice right before serving. You can also blend and freeze for up to 1 hour, then stir with a fork before serving.


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Frozen Espresso Martini

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  • Author: Sonja Overhiser
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  • Total Time: 5 minutes
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Try this refreshing twist on a classic co*cktail: the frozen espresso martini! This easy recipe blends 4 ingredients into a creamy, frosty puree with rich coffee undertones. It’s the drink of the summer!



  • 1 cup cold brew (or strong coffee, cooled*)
  • ¼ cup vodka
  • ¼ cup Kahlua or other coffee liqueur (like Tia Maria)
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar**
  • 3 cups ice cubes
  • Coffee beans, for garnish


  1. Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until combined.
  2. Pour into glasses and garnish with coffee beans.


*We used purchased bottled vanilla cold brew. You can also use homemade cold brew coffee, or make double-strength coffee using your favorite method.

**If desired, you can also use 2 ½ tablespoons simple syrup, maple syrup, or agave syrup as a natural sweetener.

Make ahead notes: It’s best to blend right before serving to have the correct slushy texture. If desired, you can mix up the liquids and refrigerate, then blend with ice right before serving. You can also blend and freeze for up to 1 hour, then stir with a fork before serving.

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This Frozen Espresso Martini Is the Drink of the Summer (2024)


Is Espresso Martini a summer drink? ›

Intense, full-bodied, enveloping, intoxicating from the first sip, an 100% summer co*cktail it dates back to '80, when the English bartender Dick Bradsell created it for a famous model (probably Kate Moss, or Naomi Campbell: nobody's know the truth) who was looking for an energizing shake.

What your drink says about you Espresso Martini? ›

These individuals are usually extroverts who thrive on social interactions, and the Espresso Martini perfectly complements their vibrant personalities. They are likely the life of the party, always ready for a good time and stimulating conversations.

What is the espresso martini Kate Moss? ›

In case you didn't know, the espresso martini has a rather sexy backstory. Legend has it that London bartender Dick Bradsell concocted the drink in the late '80s when supermodel Kate Moss famously asked for a drink that would “wake me up and f@ck me up.”

What is another name for an Espresso Martini? ›

Also known as the Vodka Espresso or Pharmaceutical Stimulant, the Espresso Martini is creamy, indulgent, and perfect for keeping the festivities going into the wee hours.

Is martini good for summer? ›

Bring All the Sunshine With the Summer Martini

This co*cktail is classic, sunny, bright, and balanced. It's also just plain smart. The Summer Martini offers the same clean flavor profile as a classic Martini but with a refreshing citrus twist.

Should coffee be hot or cold for Espresso Martini? ›

The shot of espresso in your Martini should always be cold. That doesn't mean it can't be freshly brewed, but should always be popped in the fridge to chill before you add it to your drink. If your Espresso is warm enough to melt the ice in your shaker, it's too hot!

What does an espresso martini do to your body? ›

Johanna Contreras warned that consuming several shots of espresso — which anyone drinking a few espresso martinis is bound to do — can “increase your heart rate, and at times can be the culprit for atrial fibrillation, anxiety and depression.” Combined with the known heart risks associated with any level of alcohol ...

Why is everyone obsessed with espresso martinis? ›

The flavors of both coffee and liquor also give a more than exceptional taste. This combination complements each other very nicely and has a strong and bold flavor like you've never seen before. When it comes to caffeinated alcoholic beverages, espresso martinis are truly a work of art!

Can an espresso martini get you drunk? ›

Does espresso martini get you drunk? An Espresso Martini typically packs a punch of 22–36% alcohol by volume (ABV). That said, it's easy to overindIt's a potent mix of espresso and alcohol, so it's quite strong. Enjoy in moderation, or else you may find yourself having one too many!

What is a dirty espresso martini? ›

A Dirty Chai Espresso Martini combines the aromatic spices of chai tea with the boldness of espresso and the smoothness of your favorite vodka or rum.

What is the difference between Baileys and Kahlua espresso martini? ›

Kahlua is a coffee liqueur with a strong coffee flavor and a hint of caramel. It is a good choice for espresso martinis that you want to have a strong coffee flavor. Baileys is an Irish cream liqueur with a creamy texture and a flavor of chocolate, vanilla, and cream.

Do bartenders like making espresso martinis? ›

But if you're a mixologist at work, it's a nightmare. In fact, bartenders notably dislike making these co*cktails because of the prep time, complications, and cleanup of the espresso step alone.

What kind of person drinks Espresso Martini? ›

Espresso Martini

If this is your co*cktail of choice you are likely an intense individual who gives 100% to everything you do. Espresso Martini drinkers have a 'work hard, play hard attitude and are happy to take the lead in both professional and social situations.

What liquor is best for an Espresso Martini? ›

Vodka: I add 1 ½ oz. of vodka for the perfect ratio of booze to coffee. Vodka is the signature alcohol for a classic espresso martini—use another, and it just won't be the same. While you don't have to reach for top shelf, I suggest using a brand you enjoy drinking.

What is a Mexican Espresso Martini? ›

The carajillo is a simple co*cktail from Mexico that is traditionally made from espresso and a Spanish liqueur called Licor 43, which gets its name from its mysterious ingredient list of 43 different botanicals but tastes mainly of citrus and vanilla.

Is Espresso Martini a winter drink? ›

The Espresso Martini is perfect for warming you up and driving away the cold during the winter season, but you can also enjoy it in the summer served with ice.

Why are espresso martinis trendy? ›

Social media has increased its popularity by showing others its simplistic look yet bold flavor. The popularity of espresso martinis will continue to rapidly grow for special occasions and social outings. It is quickly becoming a versatile beverage that can suit all your desires and needs.

Why do people drink espresso martinis? ›

Created with only three, sometimes four, magical ingredients – espresso, Kahlua, vodka and maybe a little simple syrup – the potion serves as a delicious pick-me-up for diehards needing a caffeine jolt to keep the late-night party going.

Is an Espresso Martini a morning drink? ›

Espresso martinis are a delicious and sophisticated co*cktail that can be enjoyed any time of day. Whether you're looking to kick off a night out with friends or just need a little pick-me-up after a long day, an espresso martini can be the perfect choice.

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