The Remarried Empress, Vol. 2 (The Remarried Empress, #… (2024)

persephone ☾

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December 1, 2021

Navier is the hottest woman alive you can't tell me otherwise



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December 10, 2022

I just finished season 2 on Webtoon and as I already said in my review for season 1, Navier is the best! She's such a queen empress 👑 and she can step on me anytime 💅
Heinrey 😍😍 I adore his cute, shy side, when he's blushing all the time when Navier is near 🥰 and I love love love his other cunning and calculating side. Especially when he's mean to everyone, who just side glance to Navier disrecpectfully 😈

The Remarried Empress, Vol. 2 (The Remarried Empress, #… (3)The Remarried Empress, Vol. 2 (The Remarried Empress, #… (4)

I'm still shipping Ergi, Kosair and McKenna together. You can't parade these hot, sexy men in front of me and leave them single, otherwise I'll get ideas 😏😏😏

I searched #remarried empress on tumblr to have some fun, only to discover that apparently everyone is shipping either Navier x Sovieshu or Navier x Rashta and I was like 'did we all read the same thing? Otherwise I'm clearly missing something'

I kind of get people liking Rashta. She's an awfull character but she's kind of tragic too. Sovieshu, though... He's an utter TRASH!!


Laura Grace

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March 12, 2023

If I had ANY complaint about this volume is that there was not enough Heinrey and wayyyyy too much Rashta and Sovieshu. Since I wanted more of our sweet Queen, I went and reread some of the episodes in season two! LOL!

Outside of that complaint, I love this series so much! Navier is truly a phenomenal woman and character and desperately rooting for her happiness. Seeing Sovieshu be such a jealous, insecure, and heated jerk to her boiled my blood more than once, and almost gave this four stars as a result. BUT!

I was like that man does not DESERVE the time of day to dare me to knock off a star for our amazing Empress because she deserves the world and more! 😤😤😤

Anyway, here we are giving another five stars! I love love love Heinrey so much and how sweet he is on Navier. His love for her is so genuine and real and LOVEEEE how he puts up with NOTHING from Rashta and Sovieshu (and as he should!) and how they treat her!

And ugh, speaking of, those two deserve each other and wish they just get out the picture already… (Surprisingly though I did feel a little bit of compassion for Rashta, which surprised me because when I read this on WebToons I definitely wasn't feeling that way the first time LOL)

I like Ergi even though he is such a shady character. Even though I super hated what he spoke about Heniry, Ergi keeps things interesting on the political/gossip scene and definitely think he is using Rashta for his own devices. What those devices are is TBD though.

Beautiful art as always and desperately wanting the next volume!



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June 23, 2023

How dumb is the emperor, you ask? I have no words to describe it. He's utterly blind to - and blinded by - the machinations of his mistress while simultaneously being jealous that his cheated upon wife might seek out a lover of her own. He's vile male privilege embodied, and I might despise him if his mistress Rashta wasn't so much worse. Unlike him, she's fully cognizant of what she's doing, although whether she's smart enough to pull it all off is debatable. Poor Navier deserves a better life than this, and I can't wait until she realizes she can have it.

    fantasy manhwa

Samiha Kamal

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June 13, 2024

Pelase read this after you finished season 2.

So Rashta opted for copying Navier. And she thinks navier conspires secretly against her. But in reality, Navier doesnt even give a sh*t about her anymore now that she's out of Estern empire. Instead, she tried to give Rashta some advices and guidance for the well-being of the kingdom.

Ig there are some people who have impact on others without even trying- like navier. And some people assume others are as bad as them- like Rashta, as she is the one with constant conspiracy. Though Rashta has her own traumas (losing the baby, being a slave and all), still she deliberately chose to be a part of the bad side. She continuously drops tears, blames naviers and plays victim- (Oh good old Rashta).
Though she has rationale for being emperor's mistress as it will give her financial security and upward mobility, but the way she treats people around us including her ladies-in-waiting (and that poor bird), shows she is in fact not a good person.
Anyhow, I especially loved the part where Rashta admitted she loves his Majesty, but does not trust him. It shows the layers of her character. Not as naive as people perceive her to be!
And in another episode, we saw sovieshu saying 'I'm marrying Rashta for 1 year for the sake of my baby. Then if she doesnt want to leave the empress throne, I'll make her do it.' Now, that doesnt sound like love.

Love is what Navier-heinry share between them. Complete trust, absolute reliance and utmost sincerity.
Sovieshu didnt even love Navier enough, for when you love someone you dont expect them to be out of the picture for 1 year and you marry another person! He also cheated navier and never put an effort to understand her.

I loooved how sovieshu is suffering, it is so well-deserved. Duke ergi and duke kaufman seems mysterious. For we still dont clearly know which side duke ergi is on, and for kaufman, his secret love for Navier will be used in a future plot ig.
In the future season, I think there will be visible conflict between rashta-sovieshu. As we saw rasta getting pissed for not being in absolute charge. Let's see.
So far good read. Also, love the dresses in this manhwa 💕


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March 16, 2021

Me está encantando descubrir cada vez un poquito más de este mundo de fantasía y todas sus tramas políticas :)


95 reviews

October 15, 2023

Obsessed with Heinrey. Also adore every dress worn in this series.

Jazer (catching up on TBRs)

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June 4, 2023

Volume 2: Episode 16-30
Blushing Prince Heinrey is a sight. That's what you get for keeping a secret from your 'friend'. Also, crying over his underappreciated baked goods and trying to carry the empress on his bird form? 🤣 Empress Navier is a stunning woman when she's warm and happy. Very far from the cold-hearted, steely front she shows to the empire. ❤

I wonder what Duke Ergi's end game is. Friend or foe? Things are getting political now and the mistress is becoming desperate enough to start manipulating high society. And the jerk emperor remains a foolish man. Sorry, you don't deserve the empress' affections.

    absorbing-intriguing angsty arcane-myth-supernatural

✡Weed Dragon✡

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September 3, 2022

I hate sovieshu so much it's not funny

    angst book-bf-gf drama

Δανάη Ιμπραχήμ

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January 16, 2023

We live for court drama.


aaku ♡

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July 13, 2022

also I am still confused what the last chapter was about🧍

Gamar ❤

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May 25, 2022

Navier is a bosssss . she genuinely cares for her people and is very involved in affairs of the empire . Her composures is so admirable . If you can’t tell , I’m in love with her character . Badass I say ! And the way she manages to insult people ( ahem ones who deserve to be ) so subtly and smoothly ?Teach me your ways . I do feel for her but they’ll get what they deserve !



91 reviews

May 18, 2023

Heinrey is so hot

Tarria♪ 🍉

160 reviews

July 18, 2022

Look, this is dragging. Each update feels like a quarter of a chapter. I might just wait until the season finishes and binge the entire thing.

But I'm disappointed; Rashta has completely lost all complexity as a villain and Heinry is still a total Gary Stu. I love soft MLIs but I can't ship him with Navier unless he gains some backbone because their relationship is a bit Oedipus? Idk. He comes off as a devoted little brother rather than a smitten love interest.

    strong-heroine webtoon


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November 23, 2023

justice for duke kaufman bro this guy keeps getting f*ckEDDD i need an AU where he finally gets w navier tbh like atp its so unfair for him it feels racially motivated please let this poc man be happy and stop calling him exotic 😭😭 anyway i love heinry tho i love the dynamics in hetero relationships where the guy is younger and the girl is older hehe



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April 22, 2024

crying i love them so so much they’re the best

valencia ☾:・゚✧ (jude's version)

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May 29, 2023

I have a feeling, that Kaufman will surely work with Christa 😭😭

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

    webtoon งσ-σ-ง

Yselg Rodríguez

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August 15, 2022

[5/5] Segunda temporada, capítulos del 86 al 122.

Pedazo de segunda temporada que nos trajo todo el equipo que está detrás de esta hermosa adaptación de la novela The Remarried Empress.

Tenía una gran incógnita al comienzo de la lectura de esta temporada: ¿Cómo va a seguir la historia ahora que el suceso principal ya concluyó? En la primera temporada tuvimos el tan esperado divorcio de Navier, así que una vez que dejamos eso atrás, me moría de ganas por saber cómo seguiría la historia y si valdría la pena quedarse para presenciar lo que le seguiría, ¡y sí que lo valió! Al fin y al cabo, si bien el resumen de la historia se refiere casi que exclusivamente al divorcio de esta gran emperatriz, el título nos dice que todavía faltan otras cosas muy interesantes por suceder (su segundo matrimonio, nada menos) así que aquí estoy, más emocionada que nunca por seguir leyendo este manhwa.

Grata sorpresa me llevé cuando las cosas comenzaron a acelerarse un poquito más, en comparación al paso bastante calmo de los eventos de la primera temporada. Temía caer en el aburrimiento pero, por suerte, no fue así. De hecho, en esta segunda entrega no solo tenemos nuevos personajes chispeantes sino también el desarrollo de algunos que ya conocíamos, la trama parece encontrar otros recovecos en los cuales meterse, el drama está picantísimo y cada capítulo trae muchas sensaciones que disfrutamos todos mientras acompañamos a Navier en esta una nueva etapa de su vida que está apenas comenzando.

Tengo que destacar el balance entre el punto de vista de los sucesos en el Reino del Oeste y los sucesos en el Imperio del Este, que nos ayudan a estar al tanto de todo lo que pasa con los personajes en cada región, sin perder el hilo de la historia ni olvidarnos de ningún detalle. Incluso durante esos capítulos en los que únicamente aparecen los personajes que podrían no interesarme tanto como otros, me encuentro a mí misma súper enganchada. Definitivamente es fruto de un gran trabajo de la autora, que logra unir todos los cabos y hacernos querer saber más de todo y de todos, pero también de la persona encargada de la ilustración (quien, por cierto, se ha superado en esta temporada con un diseño mucho más exquisito y desarrollado que el de la primera).

Si ya no lo era, ahora esta historia está declarándose como un emblema al empoderamiento femenino y me encanta que ya no deje espacio a dudas. Estaba acostumbrada a leer historias en las que los personajes femeninos, aquellos que se destacaban y que realmente aportaban al desarrollo de la trama, eran muy pocos y muchas veces solo estaban de paso. Aquí no sucede eso, ya que no solo son más los personajes femeninos que los masculinos sino que también cada una de ellas son mujeres que saben lo que hacen, que tienen metas y sueños, que tienen sus trasfondos y complejidades y, por más que nos identifiquemos o apoyemos más a unas que a otras, todas por igual marcan su presencia, se destacan en lo que hacen o dicen y se mantienen únicas y memorables. Cada una de sus participaciones son cruciales para la historia.

Me encanta, me encanta, me encanta. Anticipo bastante de la tercera temporada, aunque tengamos que esperar un poco más de lo previsto para disfrutarla (al parecer, los autores finalizaron esta segunda parte antes de lo planeado y se tomarán un descanso indefinido por motivos de salud), pero sé que seguirá valiendo la pena. Confío prácticamente de manera ciega en el equipo productivo de The Remarried Empress porque han demostrado, por lejos, que saben cómo explotar el potencial de esta historia.

A cruzar los dedos por una tercera temporada explosiva e inolvidable.

    chicklit-feminismo fakerom-marriage fantasía-high

✿ K.B ✿

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May 21, 2022

She has the brains to be an Empress. A great one at that. She already is. And my God the rumours are flying left and right. A rumour or two for every character... Damn! If there isn't one, they are just making one for their leisure. The title should have been 'Rumour has it' haha! Scandals and rumours. How deliciously dramatic.

Love love love, Heinrey-Navier's relationship. I want them together. They are perfect for each other. I wonder when she will realize that "Queen" is Heinrey. They can shape shift in the Western Empire into beautiful birds. I like the magical element in this story universe.

Beautiful artwork, just so elegant and glamorous.

    2022 historical-romance webtoon

♡ kitty *:・゚✧

439 reviews32 followers

January 3, 2023

so so good !!!
also i obviously dislike Rashta but i do feel it seems a bit misogynistic for everyone to focus their hate on her rather than giving the same amount of hate to the Emperor.
it might just be that i’m not seeing comments criticising him but it feels heavily swayed against her vs him even though they both had their part to play and Rashta obviously had a lot more to gain from the situation than he did. i’m not saying her actions are okay by any means and i definitely don’t like her but i think it’s more understandable why she has done the things she has, as she would be trying to gain power and distance herself from her past vs the Emperor just being an asshat LOL

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

Mireli ♡

141 reviews14 followers

March 16, 2022

Esto se está poniendo muy buenooo!!
Me encantan Navier y Henrey,es demasiado tierno aunque no lo parezca a simple vista 💕
Yo sé que Rashta planea algo grandee,no sé me quería esa idea. Del emperador no puedo decir mucho,siento que se deja influenciar mucho por Rashta 😐
Lo que sí me gustaría saber más es sobre la magia o poderes que creo que hay en este mundo 👀

*。:゚ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋAnna Jed━☆゚.*・。゚

239 reviews4 followers

March 1, 2022

yet again I didn't know the manwha was seperated into so many books lol, juist quickly adding all of em


Alejandra Márquez

98 reviews1 follower

February 20, 2023

En realidad lo leo en WEBTOON, peeeeero dejaron de publicar ahí tras el final de la 2ª temporada. Así es que ahora me cambio a NovelUtopia 🤓

Vale Vanegas

243 reviews

March 5, 2023


Es tan adictivo esto, no puedo parar de leer y leer este cómic.

Me encanta el rollo de doble vida que está teniendo Heinrey, me parece fascinante y súper divertido ver sus reacciones de “Reina” y nuestra emperatriz.

সুমাইয়া সুমি

138 reviews1 follower

May 22, 2023

A dumb is always dumb. An selfish arrogant person is dumber.
Anyway it’s always fun to read if the FL is strong and supported by a cute yet loving ML. Off to next season..

Amanda [Novel Addiction]

3,342 reviews91 followers

July 10, 2023

Dangit, i need volume 3 now.

    manga series


2,239 reviews94 followers

August 25, 2023

Not as amazing as the first volume, but still solid. I like the slow burn but I want SOMETHING to happen.


16 reviews3 followers

September 13, 2023

Me hizo falta un poquito más de drama pero de resto lo disfruté mucho


616 reviews89 followers

January 14, 2024

Title: The remarried empress

I hate Trashta so much, I want to see the day she burns to the ground

    cute-and-soft-men husband-material manga-manhwa
The Remarried Empress, Vol. 2 (The Remarried Empress, #… (2024)
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