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Starfield: Complete Deimos Ship Module List - MMO Wiki (1)

  • October 1, 2023

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1 Deimos Ship Modules in Starfield

2 Crafting Your Spacefaring Vessel

3 Skill Requirements for Ship Parts

4 Where to Find Deimos Ship Modules

5 Deimos Bays

6 Deimos co*ckpits

7 Deimos Dockers

8 Deimos Habs

9 Deimos Landing Gears

10 Deimos Structural Modules

11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Deimos Ship Modules in Starfield

If you’re venturing into the vast universe of Starfield, you’re probably eager to customize your spacecraft and make it truly your own. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through all the Deimos ship parts available in Starfield, where to find them, and the level requirements to unlock each part. Let’s dive into the world of Deimos ship modules and create the ultimate spaceship!

Crafting Your Spacefaring Vessel

Ship Modules in Starfield offer players the opportunity to personalize various components of their spacecraft. These modules come in different configurations, dimensions, and origins, each offering a unique set of features. This allows players to exercise their creative freedom by meticulously crafting the arrangement, color scheme, and operational capabilities of their spacefaring vessel. However, personalization comes at a cost, and players will need in-game credits to acquire these modular elements. Additionally, some modules may require specific skills that must be unlocked.

Skill Requirements for Ship Parts

Before you embark on your journey to find and install Deimos ship parts, it’s essential to understand the skill requirements associated with them. Some ship parts require you to level up your skills in the tech tree to obtain them. To access the largest selection of modules possible, consider distributing skill points in the Starship Design skill.

Piloting Skill and Starship Design level plays a crucial role. You can only apply certain ship modules to your ship if you have the required Piloting Skill and Starship Design Skill. So, make sure you’re leveling up your Piloting skill alongside Starship Design. Keep in mind that to unlock certain modules in the shop, you must reach a specific character level.

Where to Find Deimos Ship Modules

Deimos ship modules can be found in various locations within the Starfield universe. However, for a wide range of options, you can head to the Deimos Staryard located in Sol – Mars – Deimos. This is your one-stop shop for all things Deimos, where you can explore a diverse selection of ship modules to enhance your spacecraft. Nikau Henderson, the proprietor of Deimos Staryard, is your go-to source for these incredible modules.

Deimos Bays

Let’s begin by exploring the Deimos bays, Bays are the gateway to your starship, equipped with auto-deploying ramps for swift access to and from planetary surfaces. Here’s the information on the available Deimos bays:

Ship ModuleCharacter Level Needed To UnlockValue
120LD Landing Bay3807

Deimos co*ckpits

Next, we have the Deimos co*ckpits, which are essential for piloting your spacecraft. These co*ckpits come in various models, each with its own level unlock requirement and value. Here’s a breakdown:

Ship ModuleCharacter Level Needed To UnlockValue
DS40.2 Ares Bridge3865,645
DS40.1 Ares Bridge3254,910
DS30.2 Ares Bridge2748,545
DS30.1 Ares Bridge345,700
DS20.3 Phobos co*ckpit169,800
DS20.2 Phobos co*ckpit106,935
DS20.1 Phobos co*ckpit45,462
DS10.2 Phobos co*ckpit34,322
DS10.1 Phobos co*ckpit33,657

Deimos Dockers

Next is Dockers, Dockers are the bridges between your starship and other vessels or starstations. They facilitate docking and boarding, enabling interaction with the vast universe of Starfield. Here is a list of dockers offered by Deimos:

Ship ModuleCharacter Level Needed To UnlockValue
100DP Slim Docker – Top 11,750
110DP Docker – Top 11,750

Deimos Habs

Now, let’s take a look at the Deimos habitation modules, where you and your crew can live and work comfortably during your space journeys. These modules also come in various types, each with its own level unlock requirement and value:

Ship ModuleCharacter Level Needed To UnlockValue
Deimos All-in-One Berth 2×111,350
Deimos All-in-One Berth 3×111,550
Deimos Armory 2×111,350
Deimos Battle Stations 2×211,550
Deimos Brig 2×211,350
Deimos Captain’s Quarters 2×111,350
Deimos Cargo Hall 2×211,350
Deimos Cargo Hall 2×311,800
Deimos Cargo Hall 3×211,800
Deimos Cargo Hall 3×311,850
Deimos Companionway 1×111,050
Deimos Computer Core 2×111,350
Deimos Computer Core 2×211,550
Deimos Control Station 2×111,350
Deimos Engineering Bay 2×211,550
Deimos Engineering Bay A 3×111,550
Deimos Engineering Bay B 3×111,550
Deimos Infirmary 2×111,350
Deimos Living Quarters 2×111,350
Deimos Living Quarters 2×211,550
Deimos Living Quarters 3×111,550
Deimos Mess Hall 2×311,800
Deimos Mess Hall 3×211,800
Deimos Science Lab 2×111,350
Deimos Storeroom 1×111,050
Deimos Workshop 2×111,350

Deimos Landing Gears

Let’s discuss the Deimos landing gears, crucial for safely landing and taking off from various planets and stations. Here are the details:

Ship ModuleCharacter Level Needed To UnlockValue
220CB Landing Gear – Port3617
320CB Landing Gear13807

Deimos Structural Modules

Lastly, Structural components, it enables you to alter your spacecraft’s form, dimensions, and visual characteristics, guaranteeing that your starship distinguishes itself amidst the vastness of the universe. Here is the list of structural components:

Ship ModuleCharacter Level Needed To UnlockValue
Deimos Belly – Aft1500
Deimos Belly – Fore1500
Deimos Bow – Bottom1500
Deimos Bow – Top1500
Deimos Bracer A1500
Deimos Braking Engine1625
Deimos Bumper – Port Aft1500
Deimos Bumper – Port Fore1500
Deimos Bumper – Port Mid1500
Deimos Bumper – Stbd Aft10
Deimos Bumper – Stbd Fore10
Deimos Bumper – Stbd Mid10
Deimos Cap Fore Top10
Deimos Cap Mid Top10
Deimos Cowling – Aft10
Deimos Cowling – Fore1500
Deimos Hull A1625
Deimos Port Fore Cowling10
Deimos Radiator1500
Deimos Skeg A1500
Deimos Skeg A Aft1500
Deimos Skeg B1500
Deimos Spine A – Aft1500
Deimos Spine A – Fore1500
Deimos Spine B1500
Deimos Spine C – Aft1500
Deimos Spine C – Fore1500
Deimos Spine D – Aft1500
Deimos Spine D – Fore1500
Deimos Spine E – Aft1500
Deimos Spine E – Fore1500
Deimos Spine F – Aft1625
Deimos Spine F – Fore1625
Deimos Spine G1625
Deimos Stbd Fore Cowling10
Deimos Tail A1750
Deimos Thruster – Port Aft Top10
Deimos Thruster – Port Fore Bottom10
Deimos Thruster – Port Fore Top10
Deimos Thruster – Stbd Aft Bottom10
Deimos Thruster – Stbd Aft Top10
Deimos Thruster – Stbd Fore Bottom10
Deimos Thruster – Stbd Fore Top10
Deimos Wing A – Port1625
Deimos Wing A – Port Aft1625
Deimos Wing A – Stbd1500
Deimos Wing A – Stbd Aft1500
Deimos Wing B – Port1500
Deimos Wing B – Stbd1500
Deimos Wing C – Port1500
Deimos Wing C – Stbd1500
Deimos Wing D – Port1500
Deimos Wing D – Port Aft1500
Deimos Wing D – Stbd1500
Deimos Wing D – Stbd Aft1500
Deimos Wing E – Port1500
Deimos Wing E – Port Aft1500
Deimos Wing E – Stbd1500
Deimos Wing E – Stbd Aft1500

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I buy Deimos ship modules in locations other than Deimos Staryard?
Absolutely! While Deimos Staryard offers a wide selection, you can find Deimos ship modules in other locations throughout the Starfield universe. Keep an eye out for specialized suppliers and traders.

Q: Do I need specific skills to use Deimos ship modules?
Yes, some Deimos ship modules may require you to possess particular skills before you can use them effectively. Make sure to check the module’s requirements before making a purchase.

Q: How can I earn in-game credits to afford these ship modules?
Earning in-game credits can be achieved through various means, including completing missions, trading, and exploring. Engage in different activities to accumulate the resources needed for your dream spacecraft.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of my Deimos ship modules?
Absolutely! Starfield allows for extensive customization, including the arrangement and color scheme of your ship modules. Express your creativity and make your spacecraft truly unique.

Now that you’re equipped with a comprehensive list of Deimos ship modules, you’re ready to embark on your journey to create the ultimate spacecraft in Starfield. Whether you’re a daring explorer, a skilled trader, or a formidable warrior, these ship modules will help you achieve your goals and stand out in the vastness of space. Get ready to pilot your customized vessel and explore the wonders of the universe!

Our Starfield guide was just the beginning of your cosmic odyssey. Navigate through the “Starfield: Ship Modules and Vendor Locations” for more insights. Stay connected to the latest developments by becoming a part of our Official Discord Server. Until next time, soar among the galaxies with a smile!


Starfield: Complete Deimos Ship Module List - MMO Wiki (14)

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