Hsr Shopping Channel Event (2024)

1. Shopping Channel | Honkai: Star Rail Wiki - Fandom

  • Shopping Channel is an Occurrence in the Simulated Universe.

2. All Answers for Shopping Channel in Honkai Star Rail Simulated ...

  • Aug 14, 2023 · The Shopping Channel in Honkai Star Rail is a random event in the Simulated Universe. Players are offered four options to choose from which will ...

  • Here is a guide on all the answers for the Shopping Channel in the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Event.

3. Shopping Channel HSR: Simulated universe choices, rewards, dialogue

  • Apr 24, 2024 · A ONE Esports guide on the Shopping Channel HSR event in Simulated Universe, including all choices and possible results.

  • A ONE Esports guide on the Shopping Channel HSR event in Simulated Universe, including all choices and possible results.

4. Simulated Universe/Occurrence | Honkai: Star Rail Wiki | Fandom

5. All Simulated Universe Events | Honkai: Star Rail - Game8

  • Jun 23, 2024 · Interastral Peace Mechanical Branch Shopping Mall (I) is an event that can be encountered in the Occurrence Domain of the Gold and Gears game ...

  • Here are all the Simulated Universe Events in Honkai: Star Rail. See a list of all 78 Events available in the game, their answers, and also how to farm Swarm Disaster Events!

6. Simulated Universe Events - GameTora

  • An interactive tool to view all the possible random events that can be encountered in the Simulated Universe in HSR ... ⮕ Event ends. Shopping Channel. Occurence.

  • An interactive tool to view all the possible random events that can be encountered in the Simulated Universe in HSR.

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  • Missing: channel | Show results with:channel

  • Check this out to see all of Honkai: Star Rail's current event schedule, upcoming, recurring, and permanent events here!

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  • 6 days ago · After you clear your schedule for all the epic upcoming HSR events ... Head over to the Spare Time Book Shop and have a look, you might just find ...

  • Never miss any Honkai Star Rail events with this handy schedule, full of awesome challenges, rewards, and even some free characters.

10. Honkai Star Rail: A List of All The Events Inside The Simulated Universe

  • Jul 14, 2023 · Shopping Channel, – A box of expired doughnuts. – A lotus that can ... Honkai Star RailHSR Simulated Universe EventsHSR Simulated Universe ...

  • Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail is a great place for Trailblazers to test out team compositions against various opponents.

11. Simulated Universe | Honkai: Star Rail | Prydwen Institute

  • Each World is a set of semi-randomized stages that ranges from combat stages to rest areas to random text event stages that culminates in a boss stage at the ...

  • A guide for the Simulated Universe mode in Honkai: Star Rail.

12. Honkai: Star Rail Dreamjolt TV Event Guide - DotGG

  • Mar 4, 2024 · Uma, a presenter from the TV station, wants to chat about this incident with you. ... Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin ...

  • Some screens in Penacony suddenly started to air strange programs. Uma, a presenter from the TV station, wants to chat about this incident with you. Who knows what kind of secretive stories are hidden behind it...

13. Honkai Star Rail Anniversary: Global Event Schedule & Rewards

  • Mar 18, 2024 · HSR Anniversary Event: Immersive Interactive Exhibition · Global Event Schedule. Asia; Europe; Americas; Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau · Collaborations ...

  • As the highly-anticipated Honkai Star Rail anniversary approaches on April 26, 2024, players around the world are gearing up for a cosmic celebration

14. Honkai Star Rail will host a 'Dreamscape Invasion Flash Mob ...

  • According to the global anniversary event page, players who attend the offline events ... Also follow us on Twitter, as well as our Gaming channel on ...

  • Honkai: Star Rail will be hosting offline celebration events in Singapore and other countries all across the world starting this month. Find out more.

Hsr Shopping Channel Event (2024)


Does HSR have events? ›

Events are limited time activities in Honkai: Star Rail that allows players to earn rewards. Some events include Missions that are not available after the Event duration has ended.

How to get revelation chances in HSR? ›

Complete missions during the event to receive Revelation Chances, collect more Revelation Cards, and claim the corresponding Stellar Jade rewards once enough cards have been claimed. Sharing Revelation Cards for the first time will also give you the corresponding Stellar Jade rewards.

Should I add sugar or toothpaste Honkai? ›

Add sugar. Chance of either getting Curio: The Pinkest Collision or entering battle and getting a Blessing. Add toothpaste. Chance of either getting Curio: Thalan Toxi-Flame or entering battle and getting a Blessing.

How to get DR ratio? ›

Dr. Ratio is an Imaginary character who follows the path of The Hunt. Unlike most of his 5-star peers, Dr. Ratio is available as a free character - just log in to Honkai: Star Rail between his release date and the start of version 2.2 to claim him as a reward.

Where was Star Rail live in 2024? ›

Star Rail LIVE 2024 is a global simulcast of the 2024 Star Rail Concert in Shanghai, China.

Is a gepard immune to freeze? ›

Take out Gepard's soldiers as soon as possible, and avoid hitting him with Ice unless you can freeze him, as he's resistant to it. Gepard will finally back down after losing, but it'll still take a bit of persuasion from Bronya's letter to get past him.

Is Acheron an emanator? ›

Acheron being an Emanator of Nihility also explains some of the mysteries surrounding her.

How many warp trotters are there? ›

Warp Trotters are unique, non-respawning enemies found in most overworld maps. Each explorable area (outside of safe zones) tends to contain a single Warp Trotter, though some areas may have two Warp Trotters.

How do you make toothpaste sweet? ›

Add Stevia for sweetness, if desired.

If you want to make the toothpaste a bit more palatable, add a few drops of Stevia at a time and stir well. Then, repeat the process of tasting a small amount before adding more.

Why do they put sugar in toothpaste? ›

This is why it's so important to brush and floss regularly, especially after meals or snacks containing a lot of sugar. The reason why toothpaste is sweet is several fold, largely having to do with improving its taste and smell.

What do they use to sweeten toothpaste? ›

Sodium saccharin is extremely sweet, so small amounts make toothpaste palatable and better tasting. Still, sodium saccharin is not linked to any benefits for oral health, so its only function in a toothpaste is to improve flavor.

Who is Ruan Mei good for? ›

Ruan Mei is an amazing support overall, enabling your hypercarry teams to reach over 200% of their innate potential! Because she's so flexible, she can be played in virtually any team in the game.

Is Ruan Mei playable? ›

For the Planar Infinity Occurrence, see Ruan Mei (Infinite). "Without accelerating or postponing the arrival of death, life will always wither." Ruan Mei (Chinese: 阮 梅) is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail.

Can you do past events in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Yes. But they dont give you all rewards of the original event. So you can put them on the backburner until you need the resources.

Will Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 have events? ›

As well as all the launch content, we know of three time-limited events during Honkai: Star Rail 1.0. This means, unlike other story and side content, you must complete these challenges before their set end date, or you'll lose out on rewards.

Do HSR events expire? ›

Players can still experience certain events in the Conventional Memoir even after the event period ends. However, limited-time rewards can no longer be claimed for these events.

How to unlock pure fiction in HSR? ›

Pure Fiction game mode can be unlocked by finishing Youci's Clever Decor mission from Mr. Xiyan in the Exalting Sanctum of Xianzhou Luofu.

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