Fields tired of trade talk: 'Just want it to be over' (2024)

  • Fields tired of trade talk: 'Just want it to be over' (1)

    Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff WriterFeb 21, 2024, 02:56 PM ET


      Courtney Cronin joined ESPN in 2017, originally covering the Minnesota Vikings before switching to the Chicago Bears in 2022. Courtney is a frequent panelist on Around the Horn and host of Best Week Ever on ESPN Radio. She also co-hosts The Chicago Bears Podcast on ESPN 1000. She previously worked at the San Jose Mercury News as a multimedia sports journalist.

CHICAGO -- Quarterback Justin Fields said his decision to unfollow the Chicago Bears on Instagram is nothing more than him needing a break from social media this offseason.

Appearing on the "St. Brown Brothers" podcast, Fields cleared the air about not following the Bears and the NFL's account after it was discovered Monday that the quarterback no longer followed his team on Instagram.

"Why do people take social media so serious?" Fields said. "I still mess with the Bears, this and that. I'm just trying to take a little break. I unfollowed the Bears and the NFL. I'm not just trying to have football on my timeline.

"It's something that I don't want to see on my timeline. I'm about to go on vacation. I don't want to see no football. And guess what? [The social media discourse is] either keep Fields, we want Fields. It's either draft Caleb [Williams]. I'm tired of hearing the talk. I just want it to be over."

The Bears own the No. 1 pick in April's draft and face a monumental decision at quarterback. Fields, 24, just completed his third season in Chicago and has been the subject of intense debate for months as to whether the Bears should stick with the quarterback and build around him or use the draft's top pick on a rookie quarterback, with USC's Williams, the consensus top prospect, at the center of the discussion.

"It's a unique spot in the draft to have the first overall pick, the ninth overall pick," new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron said. "Just from an organization in general, you know, it's not going to happen too often."

Bears general manager Ryan Poles has acknowledged that the franchise is considering all options at quarterback in 2024.

"I did think Justin got better," Poles said in January. "I think he can lead this team. But at the same time, there's a unique situation where I have to look, and our staff has to look, at everything, and that's exactly what we're going to do."

When asked by Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown whether he wants to stay in Chicago, Fields repeated his desire to play for the Bears.

"Yeah, of course. Of course I want to stay," Fields said. "I can't see myself playing in another place. But if it was up to me, I would want to stay in Chicago. I love the city. The city's lit. The fans there are great, and the people. It's a business. I ain't got no control over it; whatever happens, happens. I think the biggest thing with all this going on right now, I just want it to be over. Like, just let me know if I'm getting traded, let me know if I'm staying, this and that."

Waldron said his offensive scheme would either fit Fields or a rookie quarterback.

"I felt different quarterbacks have been able to step foot into the system, be able to learn it quickly," he said. "That starts with us being able to teach it in a good and efficient manner where they understand it and then being able to go ... because each guy's gonna have a different skill-set. So what direction does it go? The players really take ownership and control of that."

Fields, who is from Georgia, was also asked about his thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons, a team that also has a quarterback decision to make this offseason and has been linked to the Bears quarterback as a possible trade destination.

"Atlanta would be tough," Fields said. "The only con of going back home is just people hit my phone [up] crazy wanting tickets to the game. But I think they've got a lot of playmakers on the team: of course Bijan [Robinson]; they've got my boy Kyle [Pitts]; and then, of course, Drake [London], too. They probably need one more receiver, but they've definitely got some guys over there, and their defense was good this year, too."

Fields tired of trade talk: 'Just want it to be over' (2024)
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