Are Frozen Espresso Martinis the co*cktail of the Summer? (2024)

Updated: Nov. 27, 2023

Cue Hannah Montana, because this summery co*cktail is the best of both worlds. The perfect mixture of a classic espresso martini and a frappe, a frozen espresso martini is everything you would want in a happy hour drink during the summer. With a hint of caffeine, blended ice to cool you down and a whole lot of vodka, this co*cktail both refreshes you and boosts your energy a bit at the end of a hard work day.

If you don’t spend much time over on TikTok and haven’t seen one of these foodie creators making frozen espresso martinis, we’ll show you exactly how to make it. Make sure you have a high-powered blender and pretty martini glasses or coupes for serving!

@choosing_balance I had a frozen espresso martini for the first time a few weeks ago out to eat and had to recreate at home ☕️ 🍸 Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! – – – – 2 ounces brewed espresso 2 ounces vodka 2 ounces coffee liqueur 1 ounce coffee creamer 1. Pour espresso into an ice cube tray. Freeze until solid2. Combine the coffee ice cubes, coffee liqueur, vodka and coffee creamer in a blender. Blend until smooth. This makes 1 drink, double to make 2! # martini #espresso #coffeetime #coffeelovers #choosingbalance #espressomartini #co*cktail #easydrinks #happyhour #summerrecipes ♬ Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

Made with four simple ingredients, this blended beverage is delicious enough to finish off in a few gulps—but pace yourself. Brain freezes are a side effect!

How to Make a Frozen Espresso Martini


  • 2 ounces brewed frozen espresso
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 2 ounces coffee liqueur
  • 1 ounce coffee creamer
  • Coffee beans, optional


Step 1: Freeze your espresso

Make a few batches of espresso at home, then let it cool before pouring it into silicone ice cube trays to freeze. Making a few trays of espresso cubes makes it easier to be prepared for those moments when you’re ready for a martini, stat.

Step 2: Measure the ingredients

Measure out your ingredients using a co*cktail jigger. (For the frozen cubes, one cubic inch is equivalent to about one ounce). Pour your ingredients into your blender.

Editor’s Tip: If you don’t have a co*cktail jigger, two ounces of liquid is pretty much equivalent to 1/4 cup, and one ounce is two tablespoons.

Step 3: Blend your ingredients

Blend the ingredients until they all come together and espresso cubes are fully crushed.

Step 4: Serve in a glass

Pour your drink into a martini glass or coupe, then garnish with a few espresso beans, if desired. Sip and enjoy immediately before it melts!

Tips for Making the Best Frozen Espresso Martini

Are Frozen Espresso Martinis the co*cktail of the Summer? (1)bhofack2/Getty Images

Can I use cold brew instead of espresso?

Wonder why the espresso martini has such a powerful coffee flavor? Because it uses shots of espresso, not iced coffee that has been diluted. While cold brew is stronger than iced coffee at times, the finished product has been diluted with water and won’t have that same strong coffee flavor you’ll desire in your frozen espresso martini.

However, some experts say that cold brew concentrate—the thick syrup-like substance that is made before you dilute it with water—could work well as an espresso substitute in the martini. It tastes just as strong and can work well given that it’s already brewed cold.

Using a cold brew concentrate also means you won’t have to wait long for your espresso to cool and freeze. Instead, use that concentrate and a few ice cubes to give it that frozen consistency, and you’ll have frozen espresso martinis ready to enjoy any time you want them. No prep necessary!

Also take a quick look at this chocolate covered espresso beans ; a super yummy snack to have around for your espresso martinis.

Can I use different flavors of vodka?

Of course! Traditional vodka is used for classic espresso martinis, but you can give your drink a special twist using flavored vodka. Try caramel, chocolate, butterscotch, raspberry, strawberry or even peppermint.

Can’t find a flavored vodka? Then grab a flavored coffee creamer you love—or try making a batch of homemade coffee creamer to have on hand when 5 o’clock hits!

How can I keep my co*cktail frozen?

There’s nothing as exciting as sipping on a frozen co*cktail on a hot summery day, and nothing more awful than watching that delicious frozen co*cktail melt within minutes of being made. Don’t worry—there’s actually a simple trick to slow down that melting process so you can sip on your frozen espresso martini with ease.

All you’ll need is a little bit of xanthan gum. Yes, the ingredient that is typically used to thicken foods and hold them together (such as gluten-free bread). But it can also be used in frozen drinks so they can keep their hold and won’t separate and melt as quickly in the summer sun. You don’t need much—just 1/8 teaspoon per co*cktail should do.

Are Frozen Espresso Martinis the co*cktail of the Summer? (2024)


Are Frozen Espresso Martinis the co*cktail of the Summer? ›

The Frozen Espresso Martini Is Our New Favorite Summer co*cktail. Be the first to rate & review! This frosty take on the classic co*cktail is perfect for sipping all summer long. Sarah Martens is the Senior Editor overseeing food at Better Homes & Gardens digital.

Is espresso martini a summer drink? ›

Intense, full-bodied, enveloping, intoxicating from the first sip, an 100% summer co*cktail it dates back to '80, when the English bartender Dick Bradsell created it for a famous model (probably Kate Moss, or Naomi Campbell: nobody's know the truth) who was looking for an energizing shake.

Is espresso martini a winter drink? ›

The Espresso Martini is perfect for warming you up and driving away the cold during the winter season, but you can also enjoy it in the summer served with ice.

When would you drink an espresso martini? ›

This drink works well on its own as a party co*cktail, but can also be employed effectively at dinner parties as an excessively luxurious digestif after your main meal – both the coffee and the coffee liquor aid digestion.

Why are espresso martinis so popular right now? ›

“Even more than the caffeine boost, I think Espresso Martinis are so popular these days because bartenders have learned how to make them taste great. Using fresh, high-quality espresso, a good coffee liqueur and good vodka, it's easy to see why they're so much more delicious than they were a few decades ago.”

What kind of person drinks espresso martini? ›

Espresso Martini

If this is your co*cktail of choice you are likely an intense individual who gives 100% to everything you do. Espresso Martini drinkers have a 'work hard, play hard attitude and are happy to take the lead in both professional and social situations.

Do bartenders like making espresso martinis? ›

But if you're a mixologist at work, it's a nightmare. In fact, bartenders notably dislike making these co*cktails because of the prep time, complications, and cleanup of the espresso step alone.

Is an espresso martini an upper or downer? ›

Espresso martinis were supposedly created by a London bartender for a model who asked for a drink that would “wake her up, then mess her up” — only she didn't use the word “mess.” Similar to vodka Red Bulls, espresso martinis mix the “upper” of caffeine and the “downer” of alcohol.

What is the tradition of espresso martini? ›

The drink itself is garnished with three singular coffee beans. This is the traditional appearance of the drink. The three coffee beans are meant to represent health, wealth and happiness. It's a tradition passed down from some of Italy's more famous drinks.

Should espresso martini be warm or cold? ›

The shot of espresso in your Martini should always be cold. That doesn't mean it can't be freshly brewed, but should always be popped in the fridge to chill before you add it to your drink. If your Espresso is warm enough to melt the ice in your shaker, it's too hot!

Do espresso martinis sober you up? ›

I added a splash of Crème de Cacao to add a bit of chocolate flavor. Coffee and its caffeine do not sober you up. Coffee just makes you a more alert “drunk”. Please do not drink and drive under any circ*mstances.

Why is everyone ordering espresso martinis? ›

Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverage

A selling point for most people is the fact that espresso martinis contain a large amount of caffeine. It helps give them an extra boost, especially during social events. You'll be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with the added bonus of new energy.

What do 4 beans in an espresso martini mean? ›

Fun Facts About Espresso Martinis:

co*cktails, depending on the drink, can be garnished with anything from a cherry to a slice of lemon. One of the espresso martini's trademarks is three coffee beans on the top, and those beans serve a purpose: they represent health, wealth and happiness.

What is a dirty espresso martini? ›

A Dirty Chai Espresso Martini combines the aromatic spices of chai tea with the boldness of espresso and the smoothness of your favorite vodka or rum.

What is another name for an espresso martini? ›

Also known as the Vodka Espresso or Pharmaceutical Stimulant, the Espresso Martini is creamy, indulgent, and perfect for keeping the festivities going into the wee hours.

Is espresso martini better with vodka or tequila? ›

The liquor base for an espresso martini co*cktail is vodka. We recommend choosing a premium unflavored vodka made with the finest ingredients to help the drink truly shine. The drink also incorporates a coffee liqueur.

Is martini good for summer? ›

Bring All the Sunshine With the Summer Martini

This co*cktail is classic, sunny, bright, and balanced. It's also just plain smart. The Summer Martini offers the same clean flavor profile as a classic Martini but with a refreshing citrus twist.

What do Italians drink in summer? ›

A Guide to Italy's Summer co*cktails
  • By Francesca Montillo, ISDA Food + Travel Writer. Summer is just around the corner, and it seems to be everyone's favorite season. ...
  • Negroni. ...
  • Negroni Sbagliato. ...
  • Aperol. ...
  • Aperol Spritz. ...
  • Bellini. ...
  • Prosecco Wine. ...
  • The Hugo Spritz.
May 6, 2023

When did espresso martinis become a thing? ›

While many pretenders claim that they invented the drink themselves, the real honor can be traced back to a British bartending legend in Dick Bradsell. He invented the drink at a club in the 1980s when a patron came up to him asking for a drink that would both wake him up and get him drunk.

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